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Discovering Holistic Healing --- the Skin Karma Essentials Story

We’re very pleased that you have discovered our amazing, skin-transforming products.  As in every journey, there is a story, and as Founder and CEO of Skin Karma Essentials, I’d like to share mine.

At age 54, I began to suffer from severely dry and irritated skin. After multiple visits with several dermatologists, the condition was not resolved.  After many months, I noticed a small lump on my lower abdomen. Through a battery of tests, I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, also known as a fibroid.  During surgery, a 4 pound-plus mass was removed from my abdomen. I later learned that the skin irritation I had been experiencing was a symptom of this condition.

Throughout my diagnosis exploration, I took classes at Ventura College where I received my certificate in Holistic Medicine. I continued to research and develop formulas looking for organic herbal plants and essential oils that would cure my troubled skin condition.

It was in my very own kitchen that Skin Karma Essentials was born.  After developing my homemade remedies and using them, I knew I was onto something. They showed immediate and satisfying results on my skin, which began to heal and clear. The irritation subsided, and I felt my skin was quickly on the road to recovery.

In gratitude, I wanted to share these healing discoveries, so I began producing my Skin Rejuvenation Spray and passing out bottles to family and friends. I received positive and enthusiastic feedback.

My father-in-law is one such success story. He has long suffered from severe dry, itchy skin, which is a side effect of his diabetes medication. His visits to the dermatologist were as unsuccessful as mine.  So he began using Skin Karma Essentials and experienced immediate relief. The dry, flakey irritation finally subsided. As a result, he continues to use the Skin Rejuvenation Spray every day. When he has the occasional flare ups, he uses the Body Balm.

I invite you to experience your own transformational journey with Skin Karma Essentials by giving your skin an opportunity to achieve ultimate health. I look forward to continue serving you with our healing remedies. I also welcome hearing how they have made a difference in your skin’s health.   

In health and healing,

Clara R. Carlito

Founder & CEO